Pacific Ocean Dental Group: From 2.5 to 4.6 Google Rating in 6 Months


Online presence has become very critical for all businesses. Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook have become an important part of that online presence. 84% of people trust online reviews.

For dental practices, online reviews have become the determining factor in whether someone will visit that practice or not. 90% of patients read online reviews before choosing a dental practice.

So, it’s important to have positive online reviews to build a thriving dental practice. Here’s a case study that portrays how we assisted one such dental practice in getting more positive reviews with the help of our online reputation management solution.


Hyun Sook Lim, DDS, MS, Los Angeles Dentist pacific ocen logo

Pacific Ocean Dental Group is a dental practice that specializes in General Dentistry and Periodontics. It is located in Plaza Metro Atlantic.

Hyun Sook Lim, DDS, MS, Los Angeles Dentist

Pacific Ocean Dental Clinic

location-info5807 N Figueroa Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90042


Dr. Lim holds a Master's Degree in Periodontology and has received additional training in Cosmetic Veneers and Dental Implants. She has continued to stay on top of the latest dental trends and techniques. She is very caring and all of her patients love her. Many of her patients have been visiting her for several years, and she has a great reputation in her area.


Improve average rating on Google

In the USA, dental practices have an average of 4-star ratings, so Dr. Lim was worried about her office, which had an average of only 2.5 stars on Google. This wasn’t a reflection of her practice, as she took good care of her patients, who kept on coming back. She knew that increasing her average rating on Google was critical in growing her practice.

There were several 1-star ratings on Pacific Ocean Dental Group’s Google profile, and many without an explanation. Dr. Lim couldn’t figure out exactly who those reviews were from but suspected they could have been from past employees. She suspected that these ratings could be driving some of her prospective patients away from her office and wanted to fix it. She even reached out to Google to see if they could remove the reviews that weren’t actually from her patients, but even Google could not help.

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Get more Google reviews from Pacific Ocean Dental Group’s Happy Patients

Dr. Lim came to know about PracticeDilly from a marketing agency.
One of PracticeDilly’s core features is to help dental practices consistently get online reviews on profiles like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

We suggested that Dr. Lim not worry about her existing bad ratings and instead consistently add reviews from her many happy patients. We then set up PracticeDilly for her office, which made it easy for the front office to request an online review and also for the patients to simply tap on a link in the text message that would automatically take them to Dr. Lim’s Google, Facebook, and Yelp profiles.

With a collective effort from Dr. Lim’s front office and PracticeDilly’s program, in six months, were able to bring the average rating of Pacific Ocean Dental Group from 2.5 stars to 4.6 stars on Google. Along the way, we also added many positive reviews to her Yelp and Facebook profiles.
Now that Dr. Lim has a better online presence, she is seeing a consistent growth in the number of new patients visiting her office. We can now say confidently that Dr. Lim is not worried about those few bad reviews anymore.


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