Life Before PracticeDilly

Before Mike Shannon DDS. Pediatric Dental Practice used PracticeDilly, everything was done manually. They would send out email reminders to each and every one of their patients, many of which would never get a response. They also set appointments and reminders over the phone, and each confirmation had to be logged into the system. All of this work combined would eat up almost half of their entire work day!


  • All Scheduling Was Done Manually
  • 2-3 Hours a Day Sending Emails
  • 30-45 Minutes a Day On Phone Calls
  • Manual Input Errors Sometimes Caused Confusion
  • Many Unresponsive Clients
Life befroe using practicedilly products and services

Life After PracticeDilly

Life after using services of PracticeDilly

Mike Shannon's office was immediately impressed by the results of our automation software. PracticeDilly made it far easier for clients to confirm their appointments - a simple click of a button or a quick text was all it took, and the results were easy to track because the software synced with their schedule. PracticeDilly also automated the entire scheduling process, freeing up several man-hours each day, allowing the office to run far more efficiently and effectively.


  • Far More Client Confirmations
  • Almost All Manual Input Work Eliminate
  • No Room for Human Error
  • Freed Up Valuable Time for Front Office Staff
  • Decreased No-Show Appointments