Why use PracticeDilly's text to pay?

Fewer Lapsed Accounts

25% of the total amount patients owe goes to debt collection agencies since there is no convenient way for them to pay and sending payment invoices with the dental office's stamp via mail results in unnecessary delay.


Make payments easy

Using our text-to-pay software, you can make it easier for patients to pay for their treatment since electronic transactions are more secure and easier to track. You also have the amount credited directly to your business account.

The convenience of paying from anywhere

Your patients can pay from anywhere as our software is device-friendly. All you have to do is send a text or an email with the payment link and it's done.


Contactless payment - 24*7

Your patients can reduce the time spent at the dental office making payments, thus promoting an enhanced contactless experience. These benefit you, and your team by increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of getting ill.

How to Send Payment Requests to Patients?

How does it work?

1Send Payment Request


2Track Payment Progress


3Get Paid

Device Friendly


When your patients try to make the payment by clicking on the link, the payment page can adjust based on the device that the patient is using. Whether it's an iPhone, an iPad, or a computer, the payment page automatically adjusts according to the device size.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

PracticeDilly's text to pay software protects your patients' sensitive information during every digital transaction, ensuring compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

What our clients say

Dr. Christopher Ezzat - PracticeDilly

The process of collecting payment has become easier and more efficient with PracticeDilly's text to pay software. We can now send text messages to our patients with the payment link, track the progress of the payment, and get the payment directly credited to our practice's bank account.

5 out of 5