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Why use paperless forms?

Decreased Wait Time

With paperless forms, your patients don't have to fill out conventional paper forms at your office. They simply arrive at the office after filling out the forms online along with their signature and can now get on with their treatment/appointment.

Multichannel Communication
Streamlined Patient Intake - PracticeDilly

Streamlined Patient Intake

Going digital with your patient intake forms saves time and energy as it replaces the need to fill, scan, and shred paper forms. You can also cut out a substantial amount of stationery costs directly contributing to your bottom line.


You can have your forms customized to your office's needs (e.g. with your office logo), collect any additional information, etc. There are no additional charges for customizing the forms.



Easily share these patient intake forms with your patients. Include it on your website so your patients can navigate from there, or you can send the link as a text message/email from our web portal, etc.

Device Friendly


When the patient tries to access the digital forms to fill them out, the forms can adjust based on the device that the patient is using. Whether it's an iPhone, an iPad, or a computer, the form automatically adjusts according to the device size.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Paperless forms help reduce typos, so patient information is always accurately collected. Ours are also completely HIPAA compliant and stored securely, ensuring that your patient's information is protected at all times.

Why you'll love PracticeDilly's Paperless Forms

Scroll down to see a comparison of two patients trying to get their new patient forms completed.

Paper Forms

Adam has a 4 pm appointment at a dental office

Paperless Forms

Steve has a 4 pm appointment at your office

Adam comes in at 3:55 pm

Steve comes in at 3:55 pm

3:55 PM

The front office staff hands him a notepad to fill out the New Patient paperwork

Your front office staff simply verifies the information on the paperless new patient form Steve filled out which was sent to him

3:56 PM

The pen stops working. He waits for the staff to provide him with a new pen.

3:58 PM

Adam keeps waiting for the pen.

Steve breezes into your office

4:00 PM

Adam fills out the form and hands it over to the staff

4:10 PM

Unfortunately, the staff cannot read Adam's handwriting and ask him for clarifications while they make the changes themselves

4:12 PM

Adam sits in the waiting area patiently as the staff types the form information into the Patient Information System

4:14 PM

Once the information is entered, Adam is let into the dentist's office for his appointment.

4:20 PM

The front office staff hands over the notepad to the next patient and gets busy in filing Adam's form in the filing cabinet.

4:25 PM

Digitalize your forms with PracticeDilly

frees up your front office staff to focus on booking more appointments and providing a seamless experience for your patients at the practice. You can choose from our library of HIPAA compliant forms.

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What our clients say

Stephanie, Office Manager. -Lowe & Rossopoulos - PracticeDilly

We love the customization part as we were able to get our current paper forms exactly into a digital version. We switched to PracticeDilly from another provider a year ago, and we love the patient engagement platform so far!

5 out of 5

We hope we were able to provide enough information about our Paperless Forms feature.

In case you would like to learn more or have additional questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

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