How Can You Send Text Messages to Patients on a Specific Date?

  1. Click on Appointments by Date in the left control panel. {0.15}

  2. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-1
  3. Select the desired date. {0.22}

  4. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-2
  5. Select all the checkboxes if you wish to request a review from all the patients. However, if you don't wish to request a review from some patients, you can uncheck their boxes. {0.36}

  6. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-3
  7. Click on the Group Message button on the top panel. { 0.38}

  8. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-4
  9. Type in the message and click on the send button. {0.49}

  10. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-5
  11. On the appointments page you can check if your message is sent successfully or failed due to any reason under the Last Activity column. {0.55}

  12. send-text-messages-on-specific-date-6

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