How to Send COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form to Your Patients?

  1. Click Appointment By Date in the left panel and select the desired date. {0.19}

  2. Here you will be able to see the list of all the patients who have appointments on that particular date. Click in the checkbox to select all the patients. {0.29}

  3. If you don't wish to send the form to all the patients, you can uncheck the boxes for those patients. {0.36}

  4. Click on the Covid Pre Screen button on the top right side of the screen. {0.39} The patient will receive the text message with the link to the prescreen form. Clicking on it will direct them to a page where they can answer some pre screening questions.

  5. As the patient submits the form, your office will receive the email and a pdf will appear next to the patient's name indicating that the document is available for review. {1.18}

  6. You can click on the pdf button and preview the answers submitted by the patients. You can also download the document {1.34}

  7. send-covid-19-pre-screening-form-to-patients.png
  8. Alternatively you can click on Reminder Settings under the Preferences tab to send this pre-screening form link automatically to the patients. {1.43}

  9. Click on the Text Customization and leave the link to covid pre-screening form in the message. {1.56}

  10. You can also send the pre-screening forms through the Paperless Forms tab. [2.12}

  11. Click on the Send Forms button. {2.17} Enter the patient's name, email id and select the Covid-19 pre-screening check box. {2.28}

  12. send-covid-19-pre-screening-form-to-patients

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