How to Use PracticeDilly's Dental Mobile App?

  1. Click on Plus icon to add another office.

  2. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-1
  3. Click on the Camera icon to upload your picture.

  4. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-2
  5. Click on Appointments to view your schedule.

  6. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-3
  7. Click on Patient Lookup to view patient information.

  8. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-4
  9. You can search your patients by their last name and view details.

  10. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-5
  11. To send a message to your patients, click on Message Center. Search patients by their last name and send a message.

  12. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-6
  13. Click on Appointment to request an online review from your patient. Tap on the Star icon, that will send out a text message, and an email requesting a review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

  14. practicedilly-dental-mobile-app-7

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