How to Send and Receive Text Messages?

  1. Click Message Center in the left panel. {0.12}

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  3. On this page, you can view all the text messages exchanged with your patients in the past. {0.20}

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  5. To send a new message, look up the patient by typing their last name. If you are using Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Opendenatal software, then matched patients will be retrieved automatically. {0.30}

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  7. Select the patient name to whom you wish to send the message. Type the message and click on the Send button. {0.45}

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  9. Patients receive text messages from your office number. The response from the patients will appear in the same chat window. {0.55}

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  11. Alternatively you can enter the mobile number and send the message. {1.05}

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  13. Some core features:
    The information icon in blue beside the patient's name indicates the patient and other family member's info associated with the mobile number. {1.22}
    You can send and receive images from your patients especially important in case of insurance card info from patients. {1.33}

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