How to Send Payment Requests to Patients?

  1. Once you log into PracticeDilly, click Appointments by Date in the left panel. To request a payment, click on the payment sign corresponding to the patient.

  2. send-payment-requests-to-patients-1
  3. Enter the amount and the purpose of the payment. After entering the details, click on the Send button.

  4. send-payment-requests-to-patients-2
  5. The patient receives a text message and an email with the payment link.

  6. send-payment-requests-to-patients-3
  7. They can click on the link and enter credit card information to make the payment. The paid amount will be automatically credited to your business checking account.

  8. send-payment-requests-to-patients-4
  9. You can view all the payment statuses through the dashboard. Once you receive the payment, you can mark it as COMPLETE.

  10. send-payment-requests-to-patients-5
  11. You can also filter the payment requests based on their status.

  12. send-payment-requests-to-patients-6
  13. You can even customize the text message that goes to your patients. To do that, click on Payment, Settings, edit the message as necessary and Save.

  14. send-payment-requests-to-patients-7

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