How to Have PracticeDilly Verify Insurance Periodically With the Patients?

  1. Once you log in, select Preferences in the left panel, click on Insurance Verification Settings.

  2. verify-insurance-periodically-1
  3. Turn ON Enable Verification

  4. verify-insurance-periodically-2
  5. And then customize when you would like to send the insurance verification message to your patients. Let's say you want to send the verification message 7 days prior to their appointment. Enter 7 here.

  6. verify-insurance-periodically-3
  7. Additionally, you can choose how often you want to send this message. If you would like to send the message once every 6 months, enter 6 here.

  8. verify-insurance-periodically-4
  9. To see what the message to the patient is going to look like, click on Reference 1. This is the case when you have a patient's insurance on file.

  10. verify-insurance-periodically-5
  11. Reference 2 shows the message when there is no insurance on file.

  12. verify-insurance-periodically-6

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