Explore the Email Templates to Strengthen Patient Relationships.

  1. Few blank templates are available on the page. {0.15}

  2. explore-email-templates-1
  3. Blank Templates 2 and 3 will have your office logo and some footer details like address etc. {0.22} .The abovementioned templates are used whenever you need to derive a specific message which may not be available in the other templates. {0.27}

  4. Next is the Long Overdue template which you can use to re-engage patients who have not visited your office in quite some time. {0.36}

  5. The next two templates Use it or Lose it and Dental insurance Benefits Expiry are used to remind patients to take advantage of their dental insurance benefits before they expire over the end of the year. {0.45}

  6. These templates include a Request Appointment button. {0.59}

  7. Other templates like Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy July 4th are used to send holiday wishes. {1.10}

  8. The other two templates are used when you want to add a custom image. {1.16}

  9. Here you can add text together with the image. {1.28}

  10. You can even send a test email to yourself on your email id to preview it. {1.32}

  11. explore-email-templates-9

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