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Multichannel Communication

Use mass email, text and multimedia messages to connect with your patients wherever they respond.

Multichannel Communication - PracticeDilly
Easy Automation - PracticeDilly

Easy Automation

Automation makes it easy for you to set up email sequences and engage your subscribers without manually sending campaigns. Just set it up and sit back.

Templates for everything

Whether you want to wish your patient's for their birthday or remind them about their insurance expiry, we've got you covered!

Templates for everything - PracticeDilly
Personalized Messaging - PracticeDilly

Personalized Messaging

Make mass messages feel like a conversation between you and your patients and turn them into loyal fans.

Sending mass texts to your patients? Here's how.

You can also send mass emails to your patients.
Check out how.

Remind your patients prior to the insurance expiration. Here's how.

Send mass texts to the patients who showed up last year.
Here's how to do it

What our clients say

Dr. Liyan Massaband D.M.D., M.P.H. Confidental Beverly Hills - PracticeDilly

We love the Mass Texting service from PracticeDilly. We use this feature a lot to quickly reach out to all our patients. We could easily share safety protocols, remind patients to use their insurance benefits, and run recall campaigns.

5 out of 5

We hope we were able to provide enough information about our Campaigns and Promotions feature.

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